San Brizio - Soave D.O.C.

San Brizio

Soave D.O.C.

This is a 100% Garganega from the vineyard behind Villa Buri. Maturation in 500 lt oak barrels fills out the typical scents of Garganega with delicate tertiary hints of vanilla, acacia honey and a complex ripe fruitiness that make it concentrated, mouth-filling and faintly balsamic. This great Soave from the Alpone Valley is rich and well-structured, with a deep straw yellow hue and golden highlights. 

La Cappuccina
100% Garganega
La Cappuccina
750 ml
La Cappuccina
La Cappuccina
Serve at 10°-12°C
San Brizio - Soave D.O.C.


San Brizio 2018

San Brizio 2017

  • Millésime Bio Challenge - Silver medal

    SAN BRIZIO 2017  has been awarded a SILVER  medal in the Millésime Bio Challenge 2019 in Montpellier, France.

    The Millésime Bio Challenge is the wine contest of Millésime Bio trade fair, with a worldwide range of more than 1400 wines in competition.

    The jury is presided by a leading figure in the wine business.

  • SAN BRIZIO 2017 is 5StarWine at Vinitaly
  • Vitae Ais 3 viti

    Vitae Ais   3 viti  

  • Vini Buoni d'Italia 2020 - 4 stelle

    Vini Buoni d'Italia 2020 - 4 stelle 

  • Gambero Rosso 2 bicchieri

    Gambero Rosso 2 bicchieri  

  • Slow Wine Slow Food 2020

    Slow Wine Slow Food 2020

  • Veronelli - 3 stelle ***

    Veronelli  - 3 stelle ***

San Brizio 2016

  • “5StarsWine” Vinitaly - 92 points

    SAN BRIZIO 2016 has been awarded by Vinitaly 5StarsWine competition's jury with 92 points out of 100,

    and registered in the “5StarWines” Book of Vinitaly 2018.

    This recognition comes from a qualified panel of experts of international value, including Master of Wine, Master of Sommelier, Sommelier and expert journalists, led by Ian D’Agata, scientific director of Vinitaly International Academy.


  • Slow Wine di Slow Food 2019
  • Gambero Rosso 2 bicchieri + 1/2

San Brizio 2015

  • Veronelli - 2 stelle **
  • Gambero Rosso  – 2 bicchieri and 1/2
  • “Festambiente” Organic Wine Challenge 2017 TOP WHITE WINE
  • Challenge Millésime Bio Silver medal


San Brizio 2014

  • WINE SPECTATOR 100 Top Values of 2016

    San Brizio 2014 is in the 100 Top Values of 2016 by Wine Specator,

    the annual roundup of super-value wines, all rated 88 points or more, priced less than $20.
    88 points LA CAPPUCCINA Soave San Brizio 2014
    Apple pie, baking spice, toasted almond and caramel notes are rich and aromatic in this white, with firm acidity. (A.N.)

    Thanks and cheers!

  • Vini Buoni d'Italia Golden Star
  • Slow Wine by Slow Food
  • Gambero Rosso 2 bicchieri
  • Vinetia Veneto Sommelier 3 rosoni °°°
  • Vitae Ais 4 VITI


  • Vinous By A. Galloni 90 points

    Golden yellow. Superripe aromas of peach, dried apricot and honey. Then fresh and crisp in the mouth, with an almost austere quality to the apple and tropical fruit flavors. This tastes as if some of the grapes had been hit by noble rot or air-dried. Finishes long with hints of honey, saffron and sweet spices. The wine takes its name from the vineyard, located just behind the estate’s main building.

San Brizio 2013

  • Gambero Rosso 2 bicchieri
  • VITAE AIS  4 viti
  • Slow Wine by Slow Food 2016
  • Gambero Rosso – 2 bicchieri / 2 glasses
  • Veronelli  – 2 stelle / 2 stars  **
  • Vini Buoni d’Italia 3 stelle ***
  • Wine Meridian - Italian Wines in the World

    The SAN BRIZIO is steadly becoming one of the best Soave, as proved by the many awards received over the years. The 2013 is particularly impressive right from its very intense gold. The ageing in wood was perfectly managed, it does not cover the wine’s aromas such as the nice acacia honey overtones followed by exotic fruit (pineapple), flower (dandelion) and spicy (vanilla) hintes. The palate is embrancing, with an extraordinary balance, a great fragrance and an excellent persistence thanks to the pleasant bitter almond finish. We enjoyed it with a shellfish risotto, as excellent as the wine. 

    Wine Meridian 2nd Edition Italian Wines in the World

San Brizio 2011

  • Gambero Rosso 2 bicchieri
  • Slow Wine by Slow Food 2014
  • Duemilavini Ais Sommelier 2014 4 grappoli
  • Veronelli  2014 2 stelle **
  • Organic wine guide 2014

San Brizio 2010

  • "Recommended" by Decanter 2012

    “Recommended” 85+points by Decanter,Sept. 2012, Londra, UK

    “Strong oak aromas-cloves, vanilla and caramel. Creamy, vanilla-rich mouthfeel and hints of toffee apple. Oak. Drink 2012-2014

  • Gambero Rosso 2 bicchieri
  • Slow Wine by Slow Food 2013

    Slow Wine by Slow Food 2013 

    complex, with vanilla and honey notes, ageing in oak barrels

  • Bibenda Ais 2013 - 4 grappoli
  • Organic wines guide 2013

    well balanced, golden yellow color, very impressive, with mineral notes and light oak nuances thanks to the short ageing in oak barrels, very elegant.

San Brizio 2009

  • Gambero Rosso – 2 bicchieri
  • Duemilavini Ais 2012

    Duemilavini Ais 2012 – 4 grappoli

  • Organic wines guide 2012

    Organic wines guide 2012

    the ok version, fruity and light oak notes, creamy and balanced

San Brizio 2008

  • Wine Spectator 2011

    Wine Spectator, October 2011 –  “stellar white wine” among the Noth East Italy Excellences by Bruce Sanderson

    LA CAPPUCCINA Soave SAN BRIZIO 2008 90 points

  • Slow Wine by Slow Food 2011 

    Slow Wine by Slow Food 2011 

    Vineyard in hillside, maturation, and fermentation in oak tonneau, Soave San Brizio 2008 is a wine with a great structure and softness.

  • Gambero Rosso 2 bicchieri

    Gambero Rosso 2011 – 2 bicchieri / 2 glasses

    San Brizio 2008 is a rich and complex Soave.

  • Organic wines guide 2011 

    Organic wines guide 2011 

    San Brizio, matured in barrels, is the most complex type of Soave: very young at nose where it emphasizes ripe fruit, a little sign of oak and first mineral notes, the mouth gives soft sensations and some sapidity notes. It can be kept for a few years.

  • Vinous By A. Galloni - 88 points

    Vinous By A.Galloni 88 points

    100% garganega - Medium-dark golden-yellow. Ripe citrus fruits, pineapple and spices on the nose. Sweet and ripe, with a banana note juxtaposed with a cooler floral element, but slightly dilute in the mid-palate. Finishes smooth and creamy, but with a slightly drying phenolic character.

San Brizio 2007

  • Italian organic wines guide 2010 

    Italian organic wines guide 2010 

    – among the top wines from Veneto and Italy

  • Duemilavini Ais 2010

     Duemilavini Ais 2010  – 4 grappoli / 4 bunches 

  • Maroni 2010

    Maroni 2010 –  80 punti/ 80 points

    A Soave so rich is hard to find.

  • Slow Wine of Slow Food 2010 

    Slow Food 2010 

    very persistent and with good minerality

San Brizio 2006

  • Wine Spectator 2008

    Wine Spectator 2008 –   86 points La Cappuccina, Soave SAN BRIZIO 2006 This is with vanilla, butter and clove character coloring the citrus fruit. Full-bodied, with good fruit and a medium finish. Drink now.

  • Duemilavini Ais 2008

    2008 Duemilavini Ais   4 grappoli  4 bunches 

San Brizio 2005

  • Wine Spectator 2006

    Wine Spectator August 31, 2006  – 88 points

    Bright lemon and lemon flower on the nose. Full-bodied, with lemon curd and light honey flavors on a ultrasmooth palate, good supporting acidity an a long finish. Drink now.

San Brizio 2004

  • Seal of Approval at the International Wine Challenge 2005 in London UK
  • Wine Spectator 2003

    Wine Spectator, May, 1, 2003

    90 points INTERNATIONAL WINE CHALLENGE 2002 London Bronze Medal at the prestigious “International Wine Challenge 2002” Competition, held in London, England


    2002 LOS ANGELES COUNTY FAIR U.S.A.  Golden Medal

  • Wine Spectator 2004

    88 points. “Dallo stile di una vendemmia tardiva, con una miriade di sentori di ananas passita e mango. Di ottimo corpo, con un forte accenno di mela e un finale che ricorda la vaniglia. Pronto da bere”.

  • Veronelli 2004
  • VINUM Germany July

    San Brizio 2004: VINUM Germany July  16,5 punti su 16,5 – 1° award as best Soave “brillantes Goldgelbe; vielschtige Aromatik mit Noten von Lirschi und Honig am Gaumen rund und süss, alkoholisch zwar; aber mit gut eingebundener Säure, endet lecker und lang. Wirkt kraftvoil und elegant”.

    Fontègo 2004: 16,5 punti su 16,5 – 1° award as best Soave “brillantes Goldgelbe; vielschtige Aromatik mit Noten von Lirschi und Honig am Gaumen rund und süss, alkoholisch zwar; aber mit gut eingebundener Säure, endet lecker und lang. Wirkt kraftvoil und elegant”.

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