Elena nominated 'Castellana', lady of the Soave castle

Elena Tessari   Castellana  imperial castellania suavia soave

Elena nominated "Nobilissima Castellana" de l'Imperial Castellania di Suavia, the ancient name of Soave, on Sunday 19 May at the "Palazzo del Capitano" in Soave.

Elena tells us about:

"I am honored to have been nominated
"Castellana di Suavia"
and to become part of the one, historic, all-female enoic brotherhood, the Imperial Castellania of Suavia which aims to promote our precious nectar, white wine Soave.

The ritual includes baptism with wine, obviously with the precious Recioto di Soave, "a sovereign panacea capable of making the skin of the face velvety, turgid the breasts and sack the buttocks", to drink all in one breath for greater luck. You will believe it but didi it even though it is certainly not in my habit. But first, like any good sommelier and winelover, I have observed and smelled it.

Symbols of the brotherhood are the golden key of the original size of the medieval castle of Soave and the gold colored coat, gold as the color of the sweet Recioto.

I will try to carry on with the usual commitment and honor the best traditions of the territory, always keeping the flame that burns in me from an early age with all my family vivid and bright.

Francesca Negri and  Mariolina Vendraasco have also been named with me.

The Spadarini, the knights awarded with the title were, Sandro Gini, the Japanese Nao Fukumura and Stefano Valdegamberi In defense and alongside the Castellane.